Intuitive filmmaking

We chose to make independent movies, because we always want to follow the vision of our creative work and the way the story which guides us.. 

Sometimes we start with a whole screenplay, sometimes there might also be just a basic storyline. 

The base of the idea leads us to an intuitive trip of which we don‘t know where it will guide us.

At the end, the film resembles basically the plot. But everyone and everything we meet enriches the story and the movie. 

Like that we have the biggest freedom in the creative process and the possibility to surprise us and also our audience.

At the end we concentrate the creativity of the whole cosmos that surrounds us.

With our work we want to inspire people to trust their intuition, to addict themselves to life and to follow their passion. We want to enthuse our audience for the infinite beauty, power and dimension of nature and every single being that lives in it.

We name that intuitive filmmaking.

George Inci, Inci Pictures Filmproduction and Beatrice von Moreau, Excecutive-Producer of the projects BABA, HIRSCHEN and BERÜHRT